Brain food: eat these for better brain power


Sometimes, it’s worth going out of your MIND. No, we don’t mean going crazy – instead we’re referring to the MIND diet. Researchers have discovered that eating some kinds of food can help slow down your cognitive decline – so why not add these to your daily intakes.


Be like the environment and go green!

Some of us don’t grow out of our childhood dislike for vegetables but hey, it’s certainly good for you. Leafy vegetables in particular can be beneficial so try to have them as regularly as possible. However, alongside the leafy ones, throw in some other types as well like cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cucumber and cauliflower. There’s certainly enough variety of these to have them every day. 


Tiny bits go a long way

If you’re the kind of person who loves to snack throughout the day, perhaps replace the chips and candies with nuts and berries! Nuts have lots of vitamin E which is great for the brain, although be aware that some are better than others. You should also have loads of berries – how about something sweet to start off your day? Oh, what a berry beautiful morning you’ll have! 


More nibbles for your diet

Sometimes, the smallest things pack the biggest punch. Other kinds of food that are good for your brain are beans and whole grains. The good thing about beans is not that there are just so many types of them but also so many different cuisines that you’ll never get bored whether it is lentils, soy, green beans or chickpeas. Have them whole or smashed (like hummus or tofu). The same can be said for whole grains – these are also great to use as rice substitutes so it’s good for you in general, and not just your brain.

How about some meat, then?

Don’t worry – it’s not just fruits, vegetables and grain that are good for you. The Omega-3 in fatty fish is also great for the brain so look out for those, especially if you can get wild caught fish. And if you want to go down the more meaty route, get some poultry in you. Having chicken regularly is boring, we hear you say? Have no fear, duck, goose and turkey is here to save the day!

Feeling Olive

It’s hard to live without cooking oil in cuisines from our part of the world, so why not opt for something healthier? It’s a good thing then that the likes of olive oil is good for the brain, due to vitamin E. Best to quickly swap your regular cooking oil for light olive oil then.