Getting vaccinated? Still, want to exercise? We’ve got you covered


After almost 18 months of living with the pandemic, we’re slowly starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel as an increasing number of people have gotten their Covid-19 vaccination. Although the pandemic is not over yet, we’re starting to see signs of a better #newnormal emerging. Hopefully, this will give us the confidence to get out and about and back into our routines.

Speaking of which, if you’re getting the jab soon or have recently gotten one, perhaps you’re wondering what kind of impact this will have on your healthy lifestyle. Well, we’ve got you covered!


People, get ready

It’s your turn to get vaccinated soon but you still want to work out before. There are no hard and fast rules that say you can’t so go for it. Just don’t overdo it, especially the day before, because you might get some side effects – depending on your body’s response to the vaccination – like headaches, fever, fatigue and sore arms so you don’t want to add muscle soreness to that equation. Stick to your regular workout routines. One day of not pushing yourself isn’t going to set you far back!


Relax, take it easy

Now that you’ve had your jab, should you work out? If you’re one of the lucky ones not to feel the potential side effects mentioned earlier, go for it! Make sure you’re aware though that some side effects only appear hours later so listen to your body to see if you’re up for it. There is no medical advice against working out. Observe how you feel after the jab and decide what’s best for yourself. 

Sore-y seems to be the hardest word

One symptom that many people experience after getting the vaccination jab is soreness in the arm. This might go on for more than a couple of days and that could make it a bit difficult to workout. There are some things you can do, though! #creativethinking If your arm is too sore, then switch things up and have a couple of leg days instead. Or try something new, like a light yoga class. Some experts are also suggesting you keep your arm active because this can help reduce the soreness. Some light arm exercises may help the blood circulate better.

Wait A Minute

Okay, it’s been a couple of days now since you’ve had your vaccination, are you ready to go, go, go? If you’re feeling up for it – and you know your body best – then, by all means, exercise! Make sure to start off slow to see how your body is taking it though. Remember, your immune system is working following the jab and you also need them to repair your muscles after exercise, so recovery might be slower than usual. Take a #chillpill and be patient with yourself. 

Achtung, baby!

Here’s a reminder (and warning): Just because you’ve had the vaccination, it doesn’t mean you can and should return to pre-Covid habits. Depending on which vaccine you got, you might need a second one and studies are showing that you need both jabs for high efficacy against Covid-19. It also takes a couple of weeks after each shot for your body to have the immune response needed to fight the virus so continue to mask up, maintain social distance, and take all the necessary precautions at the gym.

And remember, if you’re feeling anything beyond the usual side effects explained to you ahead of getting vaccinated, make sure to get medical advice!



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