Some ways to manage your weight in the era of social distancing


This year has been tough on many people and while we’re all getting used to being in lockdown or staying in to be socially-distant, it can all take a toll. 

When your body wants to go out but your mind tells you to stay in, you might find yourself rebelling – with food! Whether it’s due to boredom or stress eating, it’s not great for your body. Let’s flip the Nike motto around and #dontdoit!

It’s no surprise that the idea of Quarantine 15 has been floating around and no, it’s not referring to a quick 15-minute workout. Instead, that’s the average weight people may put on during the lockdown season.

So how do you stay safe without piling on extra pounds? Well, we have some ideas.


Time to eat

We don’t mean that any time is a good time to eat. What you can do is create a schedule for all your eating arrangements. This doesn’t just mean when you’re allowed to shovel food into your mouth; make sure to plan when you cook and when you snack as well.  

A good way to do this is to create a list of what you’ll eat for the week, including the takeaway meals you plan to have. This will also go a long way with planning your grocery shopping and you may find that you’ll save a lot more money. #budgetmeals

And remember, don’t cheat! Stick to the schedule. 


One snack to rule them all

Shakespeare once asked, “To snack or not to snack?” Okay, he didn’t but you definitely have or will and the simple answer is yes. If you feel like snacking, don’t deprive yourself. Things are tough enough as it is so allow yourself some simple pleasures. However, don’t fall into the trap of constantly snacking without control.

Why not set yourself rules to help control your intake? You can link this to a workout. Feel like having that piece of chocolate? How about you do 20 sit-ups first? This will not only make you more conscious of what you’re consuming but also be aware that just like the cost of the snack, there is a price to pay for everything. Except in this case, the price is healthier. 

What’s on the menu?

Don’t you sometimes wish that there are less options to choose from on a menu when you can’t decide what to have on a night out at a restaurant? 

Well, you can if you create your own menu…and it also means you can include everything you enjoy eating! Why not take some time off each weekend and plan your meals for the coming week. What this does is help you ensure that all your meals are healthy (you get to plan what you eat, remember?). Look for recipes that include the right vitamins, nutrients and all the other goodness your body needs. 

Lists – there’s an app for that! 

When you have a menu, then you’ll know well in advance exactly what groceries you need to get. Create a list! If you’re doing the old-fashioned carry-a-piece-of-paper-while-shopping approach, then bring a pen with you to cross it off. This will help you make sure you don’t miss anything out and is also a good way to stay disciplined and not end up getting something that is not on the list. If you don’t have to cross it out, it doesn’t go in your basket. Having a pen with you also means that if you see something you really want that’s not on your list, you can make a note of it and then work that item into next week’s menu! 

The more up-to-date folk can use smartphone apps for this. Try the Clear Todos app, which lets you cross things off your lists with a simple swipe. Shopping has never been easier.


The sweetest dreams 

Studies have found that if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will want to eat more than you actually need. It’s hard enough navigating your own temptations – it’s never just one more piece of chip, is it? – let alone have your body trick your brain into wanting more food. Head to bed early and aim to get a full night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!