Weight loss tips to help you start the new year with a renewed focus.


It’s a brand new year, baby! The end of the year festivities saw not only friends and family reunite, but a coming together of delicious food and refreshing drinks as well. And if this has caused you to not practice mindful eating or balance out the gluttony with proper workouts, there’s a chance you might not be able to fit into your favourite pair of pants. Aw dang! For that purpose, here are some nutritional tips to help you get rid of belly fat gained over the past month and maintain optimal living standards for the rest of the new year. #TeamGoHard


Keep an Eye Out for Portion Size

No, keep an eye out does not mean seeking your favourite festive season spread even after the celebrations are done. What we’re actually referring to is rationing portion size on your plate, which could probably be the simplest way to put you on the path to doing away with stubborn belly fat after the year end celebrations. 

A beneficial tip for regulating portion size is to eat a little bit of everything. This is undoubtedly easier said than done, but you can start by taking a single piece or scoop of a food item if you’re eating out and immediately move on to the next. If you’re cooking at home, opt to use smaller bowls to hold your raw items before cooking as a conscious method of cutting down on portion size. Sometimes the best way of steering you into your fitness lane is to deceive the mind. And if this works in helping you stay on the path to getting in shape, then hey, good on you! 


Get Rich on Protein

A large number of the festive season spreads, such as pies and casseroles are generally loaded with carbohydrates. And if you have completely devoured them during the festive season, it’s gonna take a huge amount of effort to get rid of the excess weight come the new year! The key is to include protein-rich meals on your plate, as it promotes fullness, which is especially handy during a weight loss regime. Not only does this allow you to reduce calorie intake, it also aids in increasing metabolism rate and levels of appetite-reducing hormones in your body. 

For effective weight loss in the new year, look towards including at least 1 ounce (approximately 28 grams) of protein in each meal. Foods which are rich sources of protein include meat, poultry, fish and plant-based foods such as beans, legumes and quinoa. Healthy is the new wealthy, yo!


Change the Way You Eat

Yes, this is gonna be really difficult, given the fact that we’ve spent the last few weeks indulging in delicious, high-calorie festive spreads. A sure-fire method to get rid of the festive season gains would be to adopt healthier cooking styles, or eating outside food which are cooked healthily. Let’s explore this a little further.

When cooking, choose methods such as baking, steaming and grilling, as compared to frying. If your pockets are running a little dry, here are a few healthy, cost-effective options for you to consider. If you’re eating out, stay away from grease-laden food such as fried chicken and meats which come with a layer of fat. Eating with awareness throughout the rest of the new year will keep your calorie intake in check, whilst ensuring that you lose stubborn excess weight. To adopt a better “change the way you eat” regime, you can opt to start counting your calories. Put down a list of items that you eat on a regular basis with their calorie value, then switch them up using healthier cooking styles. If this sounds simple enough, then what are you waiting for?!


Get an Early Rise on Eating

The holiday season can bring about additional doses of deep slumber, which could result in your meal timings straying off the punctual road. And when meal timings go astray, we tend to forget how to stay disciplined in our eating. Therefore, in order to get rid of weight gain as a result of indulgent eating, practice the habit of eating your meals as early as possible during the day. These meals can include lean meat cooked in a variety of healthy styles. You can do this by throwing em’ on a grill or baking them in an oven! Just make sure you don’t give in to high-calorie or high-carb cravings later on in the day though. 

A simple way to do this is to ensure that you finish your dinner before 7.00pm. If you do, however, feel hungry later on in the night, take comfort in knowing that you can munch on healthier snack alternatives which are sugar-free and void of unhealthy fats (both of which contribute to weight gain) such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. BRB, about to snack our way to weight loss.


The Time to Go Green is Now

If you’re looking to get rid of the festive season gains (we’re talking mass, not muscle), include as many fruits and vegetables as you can in your meals. As the saying goes, no guts no glory. And if you’re up for a challenge, then consider eating only greens for a couple of weeks. Some changes are bound to happen by the 7th day. And as you may already know, fruits and vegetables also promote fullness and provide a boost of essential nutrients and vitamins which can keep you in good health throughout, so keep on keeping on!

They’re also a wealthy source of fiber, which helps in maintaining bowel health, besides keeping your blood sugar levelled. Three cheers for green-eating! Hip, hip, hooray!

Losing the festive weight doesn’t seem like such an arduous task now, does it? Pair it with a little discipline and self-determination and you’ll be back in shape in no time. Who’s ready to go all in?!