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No more H20 for you? We got you covered, here’s how! 


Haven’t we all tried our best to guzzle the “recommended 8 glasses of water” every single day? Well, ever wondered what happens if you’ve been religiously doing it all? We start with a sky-rocketing enthusiasm but then a break-up happens as quickly as our dedication drips!

What if we told you that there’s a beverage which pumps up your performance, makes you to hustle harder, reduces headaches and helps in weight loss – all this while nourishing your body with truckloads of vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients. Woah! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, yeah, there is this magic concoction and it’s mostly water – also it’s not!

It’s a scientifically proven fact that drinking more water is amazing to stay away from unwanted health blues. But we know even your taste buds need some motivation. So, let’s give it a rather tasty twist.

So, here, we’ve got you 5 healthy water alternatives that aren’t just easily accessible, but your health would start doing somersaults as soon as you see the results. #WaterBabyMuch ?


Coconut Water to the rescue!

If you’re looking for alternatives to water in summer season, getting that 8-ounce of coconut water straight from the shell is a good bet! Quench your thirst with a little sweetness and avoid the packaged cans ‘cos you definitely don’t want to consume artificial sweeteners and preservatives in the name of healthy drinks. Right?


#Veggie Juice up for grabs

Drink your veggies and eat your fruits, they say. And they say it right. By hopping onto vegetable juices rather than regular water, you don’t just put in more water in your body but it’s a great and low- calorie way to get those extra veggies in your system. Kiss a sweet goodbye to sugar and add few pieces of fresh fruits if you want it sweetened. Now do you really think you could have asked for anything healthier than this all-in-one nutritious drink?


Watermelon is bae

Did you know 92% of watermelon is water? Hell yeah! It not just quenches your thirst but replenishes your body fluids. So why drink boring ordinary water when you can get oodles of Vitamin A and C with this juicy fruit? Slice it or liquefy, it’s sure to not disappoint you in any form.


Green Tea Magic

With the kind of benefits this beverage brings to your bod, it’s a total steal deal. From reducing blood pressure to curbing down your sinusitis, this divine tea can prove to be a marvel hero of health. And if you got a sweet tooth, 1-2 tablespoons of honey and voila! You’re ready with an appetising healthy drink in your hands, so what’s holding you back? Wolf it down, c’mon!


Home-Made Infused Water for the soul


Ever noticed people carrying water in a bottle filled with mint, lemon or cucumber slices and fancied it much? Well, that’s home-made infused water for you! Infused water also called ‘spa water’, consists of water filled with added herbs, vegetables or fruits. With a pitcher of cold water with natural flavours and host of antioxidants in it to help you feel all fresh-as-a-fiddle, would you still need more reasons to sip this cuppa? 😉Now that you got these easy and healthy water alternatives, why not make the most of it? Add it to your rock-solid diet and flaunt the smashing results it is 100% going to leave you with!