These couple workout ideas for Valentine’s Day can be beneficial for you and your partner.


A couple that exercises together is bound to stay together. Of course, you may not necessarily believe us when we say this, but why don’t you try it out with your other half and see what happens? And with Valentine’s Day drawing near, you have the perfect, albeit unconventional opportunity to get into the rhythm of a long-term commitment to exercise.


Here are a few different Valentine’s Day couple workouts that are not only effective in getting you and your partner started on your fitness journey, but can also help the both of you to develop a stronger sense of trust and communication with one another. Onward!


Body Weight Training as a Couple’s Circuit

Including strength training exercises for couples can bring about a sense of excitement to your workout routine. An example of this would be you and your partner performing a few basic bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, planks and burpees as part of a circuit, completing these different exercises together before switching to another.

Put together high-tempo beats, choreographed moves and the added challenge of a Les Mills smart band as one, and you’ve got yourself a kick-ass workout that targets your belly and glutes. Improving functional strength and developing a strong core will result in you and your partner being able to perform even more hardcore moves and workouts. Say hello to washboard abs!


Pedaling Togetherto Better and Stronger

Remember when you were a kid, and cycling with your friends was the one thing you looked forward to after school every day? The throwback is real, y’all! Well, you can, even as an adult. As a matter of fact, cycling can actually be the perfect way to kick start your fitness journey as a couple. And Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to go on an unconventional date which involves loads of sweaty fun.


Peloton is a sensational indoor cycling programme which gives your legs a complete burn through a workout that features dimmed lights and bass drops. Take on all the challenges that this spin cardio workout has to offer to reach higher levels of fitness, endurance and strength. Broken down into 3 sections, this workout replicates an outdoor riding experience that is accompanied by high-tempo music. Ready, get set, pedal!


Love is an Abode of Calm and Communication

Not every fitness workout as a couple has to leave you and your partner with a sense of being “hard as nails”. As a matter of fact, the best workouts for your body can be made up of routines which help you achieve mental balance and improved mobility, which is actually quite similar to how relationships go. What we’re tryna say is that not every argument has to go through the same back and forth of yelling and screaming. Sometimes, the best way to get the message across to your other half is through calmness and honesty. And when you and your partner do master this communication form, you will both be able to strengthen the relationship and bond of love with each other.

Lift your practice of yoga to a different level (literally) through floating yoga. Hop into a suspended hammock and perform mid-air inversions inspired by a fusion of yoga, Pilates and functional movement. This flow of movements will help you challenge your core, improve your blood circulation, respiratory and digestive systems, and strengthen your muscles and joints. Hello, healthy new you!


Feel the Rhythm and Get to ‘Bailando’

Switch up your Valentine’s Day workout by going dancing together as a couple. Break out “The Windmill” and other breakdance moves to the beats of hip hop music, grooving to every intense rhythm as you both play a part in the feature choreography of a “music video”, while challenging your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.


Besides that, going dancing can also stimulate dopamine, which is the brain’s neurotransmitter for #positivevibesonly. And as the evening draws to a close, you and your partner would have picked up a new skill, whilst enjoying each other’s company. Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, ay, ay, ay.


Unleash Your Inner Spirit Animal

Life often brings about its own set of challenges, with a number of those involving the need for functional strength. So how can you really develop functional strength effectively? The answer, lovebirds, lies in a combination of strength training and yoga. Compound lifts are great in enabling your muscles to grow in size and strength, but only in its own set of singular ways. Yoga, on the other hand, allows you to reconnect with your body’s natural movement patterns, enabling you to utilise muscles in more compound and complex movements. Yoga also allows you to develop your slow-twitch muscle fibers, which can boost your stamina for gym workouts.

Get in tune with your primal instincts and unleash your inner spirit animal through a total-body workout that is inspired by their movements. This will involve you slinking and sauntering from one bodyweight exercise to another, challenging your body’s every muscle in the process. As you progress through the workout, you will be able to feel a significant improvement in mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance. Who’s the king of the jungle now, Simba?