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The perfect workouts for busy moms 

You’re running around, you’re organising the day, you’re taking care of the children. But moms, don’t forget about you. And while starting a new exercise routine can be daunting, we all know that fitness will make you feel and look sensational. Whether its cancer and diabetes prevention to improved energy and mood, there’s plenty of reasons for you to jump in and be part of the fit moms club.


Beyond just the obvious benefits like weight loss and building strength, being part of the Celebrity Fitness fit mom tribe holds plenty of benefits. And while women might not choose strength training as their first choice, there’s plenty that it could do for us wanna-be fit moms.

• Strength training helps your bones grow stronger, which reduces your chance of developing or slows the effects of osteoporosis.

• Protects your joints from injury and increases your balance and coordination.

• Your metabolism will increase, meaning you burn calories all day long!

• You’ll achieve a toned, sculpted body.

Additionally, exercise in general is a great way to manage stress. Researchers have consistently found that those who regularly strength-train tend to manage stress better and experience fewer adverse reactions to stressful situations as those who do not exercise. So, the next time you need to blow off some steam, hit the weights.


Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (4-5 sets of 8-12 repetitions) 

• Think about having to bend down and lift an object on the floor. This happens quite often, and parents know this movement best because they often bend down and lift their children.

• The Romanian Deadlift (RDL) targets the hamstring and gluteus muscles quite well. In correlation, this will help tighten up the glutes and get you that sexy back.


Dumbbell Bent-Over Row (4-5 sets of 12-15 repetitions) 

• As a compound exercise using free weights like the dumbbell, the bent-over row works many muscle groups. This exercise is a great compound movement which incorporates the back, shoulders, and even the biceps.

• Increased strength in these muscles improves your core strength, posture and spine stability, reducing the risk for lower-back injuries. Also, this tightens your core and improves posture so you can rock any outfit and look sensational.


Squat (3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions) 

• The squat is a lower body toning and firming exercise. The movement resembles the act of repeatedly sitting and standing from a chair.

• Squats are one of the most time-efficient exercises to burn more calories and to tone up your muscles! For every pound of additional muscle you gain, your body will burn an additional 50-70 calories per day. Along with the additional increase in muscle and loss in fat, this will create that toned, slim, and curvy body that you’re after.


Forward and Reverse Lunges (3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions on each leg) 

• Lunges target the legs, but involve additional muscles including the glutes, hamstrings, and core, making them an important exercise for toning the lower body.

• They are also back-friendly because of the need to keep your back straight and your chest lifted, so you have little risk of back strain.

• Lunges are a great exercise to lift and firm your butt. It also helps tone your legs to look slim and long.


Dumbbell Shoulder Press (3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions) 

• An important benefit of the shoulder press exercise as well as any other strength-training exercise is increased bone strength. You may not need to worry about it now - but as you age, you begin to lose muscle and it could eventually be difficult to lift something as small as a can of soup above your head.

• Additionally, toned shoulders will give ladies the silhouette of an hourglass body, making the waistline look much smaller that bod smoking hot.


Push Up (2-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions) 

• The push up is an exercise that works almost every part of your body and uses the body’s weight that’s working against gravity to strengthen muscles.

• A woman who does push-ups can strengthen her chest, firm and tone her arms and stabilize her core or abdominal muscles. Your legs and buttocks will also grow stronger and leaner since your legs help support the weight of your body when performing push ups.


Getting that sculpted body can’t just be achieved with cardio. Get slaying with the strength training and you’ll be looking and feeling sensational in no time. Before you hit the weights, it’s best to have a plan. 

- Set a goal of how much weight you want to lose, then set a timeline.  

- Once you’ve done that, work with a personal trainer who can show you how to perform resistance training exercises in a proper form. 

- In your first session, they’ll test your fitness level and create a tailored fitness program that will work for your goal and your busy schedule.  


Still not sure where to start? Walk into our clubs and get talking to any of our StarMakers today!