Here’s what you need to do to get yourself back on the fitness bandwagon


Celebrity Fitness is dedicating our blog posts this month to the International Women’s Day (8 March). In conjunction with the theme –  #ChoosetoChallenge – we will focus our posts this month on pushing and challenging you to be the best version of yourself!

Fitness routines are often difficult to maintain, and between a global pandemic and the end of the year lull, who can blame us for slacking off a bit, right? 

The thing is, just because you’re experienced with exercising doesn’t mean that you can just jump back into it – stat. The reason why it’s so difficult is because we try to start again at the same level but real talk: our body doesn't work that way!

Try hopping on the bandwagon slow-mo style, and easy yourself back into it. You’ll be up and running again (pun truly intended!) in no time.


No T No Shade 

Before you get going again, take a moment to have a talk with yourself. Ask yourself why you’ve lost your momentum and reflect on where you are at this stage. Make sure not to judge yourself but be honest because only then can you recognise how to best take yourself forward. Perhaps you having #nomotivation was part of the reason, but it could very well have been circumstances like a lack of productivity caused by the pandemic. Whichever it was, one you’ve figured it out then you’ll be on your way to find the best way to navigate it.


Size does matter

Start small! After having taken a break, your body is not going to be able to function at the level it was when you were at your peak. So, whether it’s to do with how heavy the weights you want to lift, how low can you go to touch your toes or how far you’re able to run, scale it back from what you’re used to and go from there. Every little bit counts, right?


Do away with that crystal ball

You’re not a fortune teller so try not to worry too much about too far in the future. While long term goals can be extremely useful in workouts, they are less useful when you’re trying to get going again after a break. So, if you used to do 10k runs regularly but haven’t put on your jogging shoes in a while, why not kick off with a few weeks of couch to 5k to get you back in shape? No need to zoom around like the Flash just yet!

Easy as A-B-C

Just because you’re taking it slow at the start doesn’t mean it needs to be random. Create some plans for your exercising routines whether it is just scheduling it into your calendar, deciding on what sorts of workouts you’ll do in a week or what goals you want to achieve. Always have a plan B ready too – who knows, maybe some life emergency means that you wouldn’t be able to head to the gym so what else can you do at home when it’s all sorted?

You’re a winner, baby!

You don’t need to hit big goals to celebrate your fitness achievements. If you feel like you had a great workout, that’s a win already! But if you want something more tangible, keep a journal to track how well you’re doing. Just remember, we can’t always beat records but putting on those gym clothes and just showing up for that fitness class is a win already.