Who says you can’t stay connected from the comforts of your home?


Missing your social life? It’s not just you! Although many of us have gotten used to staying in more than we did before, the truth is that some days, it gets just b-o-r-i-n-g. Sure, there’s always the distraction of work (especially if you’re working from home) but what about the after-hours and weekends? Fear not because we’ve got some tips for staying connected and socialise as part of the “new normal”.


Hello, it’s me

Yes, we all made fun of Adele’s music video when she was making a call using a really old phone but it seems she had the right idea! It’s so basic, who would have thought of it? Make a phone call and catch up with your friends. Chances are they are spending a lot of time at home too and would appreciate the call. 


Video killed the telephone star

Okay, it might have been a while since you’ve used a phone to, you know, make a phone call. That’s so 1999. Well, if you want a 2021 version, then opt for video platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, Google Duo or more. This way, you can get a group together and actually see each other. Yes, Zoom fatigue is a thing so spice things up – play games, sing songs together or even cook together. That way, you’re not just staring at a screen, especially if that’s what you’re doing all day working from home.  


Let’s go to Hollywood (virtually) 

Cinemas are a fun group gathering but really, you’re all just sitting back silently watching a show. Why not turn movie-watching into a social event? Using a software like Teleparty, you can connect with friends to watch a show together in real time and discuss it as its happening. This way, you’re not disrupting the show for anyone and can feel like you’re more sociable than just sitting in a dark cinema.


Craft, Create, Share! 

What can you make together with your friends from a distance? Playlists! Find ways to craft things together – each week, sit down with your friends to create a shared playlist of songs from Spotify based on a theme that you’ll use for your home workouts. It’s great fun, helps you discover new music, and also have a practical use.


Go old fashion 

Yes, technology is great but how about trying to communicate in a way that you probably haven’t done in ages? We’re talking about sending things to each other by mail. You can write a letter or mail out that batch of cookies you learned to make while stuck at home. Everyone loves receiving mails that are not bills, so this is a great way to show your love for each other.