The best way to a healthy body is to be aware of how you’re eating  


It’s always the same thing, isn’t it? Diet after diet and then frustration after frustration. It’s so hard to keep up with the latest fad and the returns aren’t always consistent. So what can you do? Well, for a start – watch what you eat! 

Instead of aiming for the short-term benefits of diets, how about changing your approach to eating and your relationship with food? All you need to do to start on this journey is to be more intuitive about your eating and harness the way you mentally think of food. Start by asking yourself these five questions. 


Are you really hungry? 

Wait, so that thing you’re feeling right now that is making you want to stuff your mouth with food … what is it? Does your body need the food or are you just bored? Sometimes, eating is more an emotional response than it is your body physically needing the nourishments. Find out more about the six human hungers – and figure out each time which it is before you start snacking. 

What’s that you’re feeling? 

Now that we’ve established that hunger is sometimes triggered by emotions, it’s always worth thinking about how else you can pacify those pangs. Don’t ask if you’d like fries with that. Instead, ask what else can I do to deal with my feelings? If you’re stressed, get a quick workout in instead of reaching out for that chocolate bar. If you’re bored, go for a walk instead of rummaging through your kitchen for “something light”. It never really is, is it? 

Now, where is your focus when eating? 

We eat so often – no jokes here – that meal time is mostly going through the motions. What’s your routine? Throw some food on the plate and then just swallow it all? Being mindful of not just what you’re eating but when you eat can make all the difference. For one, you’ll be aware of how much you’re eating so you don’t have too much. Being aware of your chewing also helps your body recognise how much you’re eating, and helps you recognise when you’re full. 


How do you view certain foods? 

Over the years, we’ve heard so many pros and cons about particular types of food that it’s easy to get confused. For example, people commonly think that carbs are bad for you but our bodies do need them! The same goes for fat and cholesterol. It’s about knowing how much you have and having the right amount. Acknowledging our food biases might make all that difference.  


Why do you like some food? 

We all have different reasons for eating some things – often it is the flavour and texture that we think about. Well, if you think of vegetables in terms of taste instead of its nutrients, then you’re going to be likely to want to eat more of it. Don’t believe us? There’s a research to prove that! Find ways to change your perception about food to encourage yourself to eat healthier options.