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If you want your workout to be kicking some butt (pun intended) you better keep your mood in check! 

It’s a well-known fact that workouts affect your mood. This statement when reversed also stands true, that is, your workout can be affected by your mood. Moods are nothing but a reflection of the emotions that run through you. If these emotions are not checked, it can mighty well cause long-term mess up. In fact, emotions can actually make your athletic performance go from yay to nay!

Let’s take a deep dive into the science behind it to understand how we can use these emotions for achieving an overall LIT version of ourselves.


Testosterone - Is the sex hormone also the flex hormone? : Heavy workouts like squats, deadlifts and bench presses release testosterone along with other hormones in the body. Testosterone helps increase muscle growth, muscle mass and improves mental health. Essentially, being the hormone that increases a man’s sex drive, testosterone is also responsible for uplifing one’s mood.


The release of endorphins after exercise: Endorphins are responsible to give the human body a high which is also called as the ‘runners high’. It also helps the body to exercise for a longer period of time without feeling worn out while leaving the mind healthy. Regular exercises can make your bod more sensitive to endorphins (the pleasant hormone), so you get the #coolvibe under a few mins! This also doubles up as the body attaining ultimate euphoria. Aaah, feeling #blessed already?

Stretch your emotions out: While you must be killing it at a gym near you, workouts can be lot more fun when switching it up with other forms of fitness in between. It sure as hell doesn’t get boring, and fitness sessions like yoga (coupled with of course your strenuous workout jams at the gym, booyeah!) greatly improves the flexibility of the body as it increases the elasticity of the muscles, so you enter your ‘zen’ mode in a queen-like style.


Thumbs down to negative emotions: Hey you fitness freak, you do know that any kind of negative emotion causes a significant drop of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and testosterone in the body—yeah, it all boils down to all your bloody hormones! But fret not, this hormone drop can be calmed the hell down by workouts ‘cos what can a killer workout not do, right?  There you go—the ‘happy hormones’ are back in a jiffy!


Expression isn’t equal to exertion: Even though exercise is a good way to put the body to good use, overdoing it can always be a kill. Overexertion of the body just to step into your everyday Nirvana-mode is a no-no. Your muscles are going to hate you for it, so avoid entering the ‘I-am-dead-zone’!

Better or worse, the workout = Happy or sad, the emotions! We’d say, make a damn good choice of it, while you can!