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Having trouble finding a good trainer? Say yay to these super cool ways of finding one for yourself! 

Personal trainers are required to assist you to achieve your health and fitness goals. A personal trainer customises your exercise programme based on your goals and personal health needs. The trainer will teach you the best way to exercise and motivate you to go further.

Take your time before you make your final decision. You must have a personal trainer who is appropriately registered, qualified for the job and is a trustworthy person who has the ability to push you to attain your fitness goals. 

Role of a personal trainer -

A personal trainer along with the relevant academic qualifications must possess the following qualities:

1. Should help you exercise efficiently and safely.

2. Should motivate you to do better.

3. Should teach you the right technique.

4. Should monitor your progress.

5. Should adjust your exercise programme based on your changing fitness level and capacity.

6. Should offer general advice with regards to nutrition and diet.

7. Keep changing your workout routines to keep you motivated and the workouts interesting.

8. To help you exercise on your own at times.


Different types of personal trainers -

Based on your fitness goals, you need to choose a trainer who can help you achieve those goals. Your goals could vary and be differentiated into the following -


GLOW Programme –


The GLOW Programme helps you improve and get better with your overall movement capacity. This program may not focus on achieving any weight loss or strength gains, but you will become more flexible, and fit. Your trainer focuses on improving your stamina and makes you feel good about yourself and your body.


BURN Programme –

The BURN Programme involves more specific goals related to weight loss and fat loss. The trainer will customise a fitness plan in order to achieve your end goal of weight loss and fat loss. The measurements will be made using different anthropometry scales. Intense workout sessions are planned for desired results.


STRENGTH Programme –

The STRENGTH Programme involves more of lean muscle gain and improving your strength. Your personal trainer helps you lose the fat cells from your body while maintaining your inner core and muscles strength. Your trainer will push you to do workouts that help tone your muscles and make you physically strong. 


SMASH Programme –


The SMASH Programme is meant for athletes specifically who already have the required body and physique. If you need customised plans to focus on recovery and regeneration rather than high intensity training, you must choose a trainer who can develop a SMASH programme for you.

A good personal trainer will understand your fitness requirements and plan a customised workout session just to suit your needs. The personal trainer will listen to your doubts and complaints and change the workout sets accordingly. If you want a good personal trainer, you need to be clear about your bodily needs and decide on what you wish to seek with regards to fitness and physique. Choose the trainer you are most comfortable with and someone who you know will do a good job in training you.