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Before you smash those goals, you gotta set them first. 

A Star is always full of ambition. Here are some tips and tricks to turn that ambition into a mission that’s right for you.

The first workout before stepping in the gym is working out what you want to achieve when you’re in there. Getting this first step right can make all the difference; too easy of a goal and you’ll be bored and complacent. Too difficult and you won’t have the satisfaction of slaying it and moving onto the next.

Get it right by having goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.



Having specific goals means there’s less room for negotiation between you and you. Laying it out, clear-cut right in front of you also means that fierce gaze of yours is focused and prime for attack. 
Bad Goal: I will hit the gym more often. 
Bad-Ass Goal: I will get up and turn up for the 7am Body Pump class every Saturday and Sunday.  



Every star will have their own interpretation. Objective goals mean you’ll know if you’re hitting the mark or slipping up. 

Bad Goal: Look hot in photos. 
Bad-Ass Goal: Lower body fat by 3% and increase muscle mass by 2kg. 



Keep it real. You’re probably not going to be the fastest finisher at a marathon after a week of beginner’s cardio but you’ll smash that fun run you’ve always wanted to try. 

Bad Goal: Land top 3 at the marathon as a beginner. 
Bad-Ass Goal: Finish a 30-minute HIIT session. 



Hey, it’s hard to find ways of how fitness isn’t relevant in our lives – whether it’s you looking or feeling sensational or being able to simply move better in your daily tasks. But just try to knock some sense into any goal of yours. 

Bad Goal: Be a player.
Bad-Ass Goal: Be able to walk up the train station stairs without panting. 



We’d like to think of goals as dreams with a deadline. Having a time frame is a fab way to track your progress and create milestones along the way.  
Bad Goal: Squat heavy. 
Bad-Ass Goal: Squat 50kg by week 5. 

Feeling hyped yet to get started? Go on and set some goals to smash; you’ve got this, and we’ve got you.