Hip hop shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you go jump, jump!


The answer is yes! And like any cardio exercise, the workout of bouncing on a trampoline will likely increase your heart rate and result in weight loss. The effects are similar to that of playing sports (except on a trampoline, you stay in the same spot) or running at a quick pace. That’s right, a study has shown that jumping on a trampoline can be considered a moderate to vigorous workout. Of course, like with any exercise, you’ll need to put in the work though #playhard


Are you sure?

Absolutely! Trampoline jumping seems like it’s all the rage now, but it’s not a new exercise. If nothing else, we already generally accept that other jumping-related exercises have benefits: just think about the jumping jacks you do or how much rope jumping is used as a cardio workout. Jumping on a trampoline is no different – in fact, it has added benefits!


A jump a day…

Jumping on the trampoline is not quite like an apple but it definitely has health properties. A study showed that when jumping on a trampoline, your oxygen intake is two times higher than when you’re running on a treadmill. Aerobics activity generally leads to better health – especially for your heart and lungs – so this workout provides great benefits to you in the long run. At the very least, we know that it is as effective as running – except probably more fun! #trusthescience


Wait, there’s more!

That’s right, jumping on a trampoline is not just about losing weight and living longer. It is essentially a full-body aerobics workout which means that you should expect to build better leg and core strength, as well as tighten and tone your body. Working on all these muscle means that you will have better balance and because there’s less stress on the joints compared to jumping on the ground, it’s gentler on your bones too.


Do it right

Of course, no exercise is perfect and the best way to get the most out of it is to have proper guidance. To do this, you want to make sure you have the right equipment and that your technique is correct. Why not join a class so that you’re not only doing it the right way but you also get to meet other people and have fun together?


Join Saltar!

At Celebrity Fitness, just hop (or jump) into our Saltar classes, which last for about 50 minutes and offer medium- to high-intensity workouts. Our trampoline workout promises to be fun, allowing you to bounce your way to stronger leg and core muscles while burning major calories (and fat!) with each jump. Don’t hesitate – skip the rope and jump onto one of our trampolines at your nearest studio now!