Self-Care Tips You Can Practise Every Day


We’ve spent over a year looking out for each other and while that’s still really important, don’t forget that it’s crucial that you take care of yourself too. Global athletes are paving the way with this –tennis superstar Naomi Osaka withdrawing from two Grand Slam tournaments and gymnastic legend Simone Biles putting her mental health first at the Olympic Games is proof of this. Remember, self-care doesn’t have to be hard work – just a little bit each day goes a long way.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hip-hip-hooray and three cheers … for you! You are awesome and it never hurts to remind yourself that every day. There are many different things you can do daily to keep your spirits up. To be in a happy place, you need a relaxed mind so try meditation or mindfulness to minimise stress and anxiety. Speaking to a loved one can also help you work through any unhappiness, and help you be the best version of yourself.


Reconnect With Yourself by Disconnecting

The 404 Page Not Found error might be familiar if you’re on the net and a page is not available for viewing. Well, how about you make yourself unavailable for connecting, sometimes? Keep your social media time minimal so that you’re not constantly bombarded with (negative) news. Or start charging your phone in the bedroom while you’re in a different part of the house so you’re not responding to any and every message or notification that comes in. Give yourself a digital break regularly!

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

You can never be reminded too often that getting your exercise in will do wonders for your mental health. A good workout releases endorphins which can help you feel great. Remember, a healthy body is not just physical – eat well too, to keep your body in tip-top condition. That’s one way to look after yourself and what better way to show that you love yourself than that? 

Be like a Mirror and Reflect

Nope, we don’t mean being vain and wondering if you’re the most beautiful one of them all (of course you are, but you know that already!). The concept of a mirror is a great metaphor for being reflective. Take time out to ask yourself how you’re doing and if you are managing any anxieties and stress well. But don’t just focus on the negatives; also think about what things you’re doing that make you happy. If you’re not doing enough, plan a few things that spark joy in you – whether it’s simply catching up with a friend virtually, spend more time on a hobby, or treating yourself to a delicious meal.


Be Kind to All

Did you know that when you do a good deed, your brain actually lights up and improves your mood? Don’t just take our word for it though, there’s research to prove it. But wait, being kind doesn’t only mean doing things for others (although, this is a great trait). You want to make sure you’re kind to yourself too. This includes not being too hard on yourself. Manage your own expectations, don’t overwork yourself and where necessary, make sure you give space to forgive yourself.