There are many reasons why our personal trainers focus on single-tool exercises.


Using equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and plates as your main workout tools may sound simple, but our personal trainers don’t want you to write them off just yet. There are many benefits to single-tool exercises using those tools that you might not have previously thought about before. Here are just some to get you going!


Variety Is The Spice Of Life

The possibilities are endless with these single-tool equipment. Unlike machines which tend to work on specific motion patterns or the bulkiness of barbells, you can find an exercises for any part of your body using a dumbbell or kettlebell. If you want to work on your upper body, try out exercises like Single Arm Shoulder Press or Single Arm Chest Press with them. For your arms, you can work both your bicep and triceps with Single Arm Bicep Curl and the Single Arm Tricep Extension. For your lower part of your body, Kettlebell Swings or Squats can work. They are great #allinone equipment! 


Time To Focus

The best part of this approach is that if you want to be more focused with your workout, then you have the option for this. Imagine if you’d like to work on your upper arms – a single dumbbell can be used for different exercises to target different points of that body part. Using these equipment is also more joint-friendly and allows for more natural movement. This is also very useful if you’re just coming back from injury and want to slowly build up to your previous goals again.

Getting The Right Balance

Single-tool equipment – especially those that you can hold using one hand at a time – is also very useful for you to identify any imbalance you might have where strength is concerned. Where machines and barbells tend to require you to use both arms at the same time, using a dumbbell for example will tell you if one arm is stronger than the other. You’ll find this out when you’re maxing out your weights and you’re struggling with one arm more than the other even if you’re using the same weights. Knowing this means you can slowly strengthen the weaker one to be on part with the other, and thus helps you avoid one limb doing more work than the other when you do other exercises that require both at the same time.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Many people don’t think about it but using a plate or kettlebell can be safer than other gym equipment, particularly if you’re working out alone. If you’re using barbells for a squat, you might buckle under the weight. But if you’re using either dumbbells, kettle bells or plates, it’s easy to just drop them and get out of the way when you’ve mistakenly overcompensated, and it gets too much. The same can be said for Bench Presses or Reverse Lunges – if it gets too heavy or you lose your balance, let them go. This is not to say that these tools are 100% risk free but it’s a good thing to keep in mind. #stayalert


Just Like Real Life

This isn’t about mindfulness but more specific to how a tool like the kettlebell can help your body learn to navigate changes that are more common in sports and your daily lives. In those situations, rarely are you standing with two feet firmly on the ground balancing any sort of weight. Because the kettlebell is designed in a way where its centre of gravity is not in your grip, your body will be training itself to adjust to changes in movements and can be useful to further develop sports performance.
These are just some of the physical and fitness benefits to single-tool workout, and why it is something our personal trainers tend to focus on. It’s always great to mix up your fitness routines, so make sure to get your trainers to incorporate these as much as possible. The many benefits of this approach to working out will get you closer to your fitness goals in the more effective, efficient and safe way!