Make 2021 the year that is all about you


Over the past year, we’ve constantly been told to look out for each other. The spirit and resilience of humankind have been amazing. But don’t forget that it’s equally crucial that you make time to take care of yourself too. Making space for self-care in your life can help with your self-worth and build that resilience you can rely on! #loveyourself Here are some ideas on how you can make sure that it’s #allaboutme this 2021. 


It’s all about me, me, me 

How do you make sure you have time for yourself? Lock it in! Schedule “me time” into your day (or calendar!) to just focus on you. This can be just be a few minutes of meditation using Headspace or Calm. Or just time away from other stressful things – consider doing a jigsaw puzzle or an adult colouring book. Making space for "me" time is good for your mental health, general well-being, and also clears your head so you’re more productive when you get back to work. 

Work It (Out) 

Missy Elliot suggest that you “Work It” in her hit song, but she could well be telling you to work out! Exercise is an opportunity for extended “me time” and well, if you’re on this blog, we don’t need to tell you about the health benefits of working out. If nothing else, the endorphin rush will keep you going in tough times. And if you can’t get to the gym for this, why not check out a variety of Virtual Classes by Celebrity Fitness and Fitness First.

After this, you’ll be saying to yourself: “Stress? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” 


It’s ZZZ time! 

Sleeping is so much part of our daily routines that we often don’t think about it enough. It’s not sufficient to just go to bed when you’re tired, make sure that you’ setting up the right conditions for a good rest too. Most people know that when you sleep, your body fixes itself but did you know that it is also when your brain “cleans” itself? #mindblown 


Oh, give me a break! 

Yup, make sure you keep telling that to yourself. Over the past year, we’ve all been walking on egg shells at some point or other just trying to stay healthy and looking out for others. This constant vigilance can be highly stressful so make sure that you’re not too hard on yourself. #chill Being kind to yourself – such as realising that perfection doesn’t exist and allowing yourself to make mistakes – has more than just mental and psychological advantages. It can help with the physical too – less stress means reduced blood pressure and your muscles won’t be so tense all the time. 


I am what I am 

Disco icon Gloria Gaynor got it right all those decades ago when she sang: I am what I am. This is a good mantra to keep reminding yourself – that you are enough. Doubting yourself and feeling like you should constantly do better is common and tough enough as it is, let alone when things are “not normal”. It’s hard to tell if you feel this way though, in our pursuit for perfection. But don’t worry – there’s a test for that!