Change your workout playlist to stay motivated. 


If you’re feeling a bit flat and unmotivated with your workouts, it’s probably just because we’re approaching the end of the year. Never mind the usual winding down, 2020 has been especially difficult. But if you’re looking for a boost to push yourself through the next few weeks, a slight tweak in your workout routine might help. Why not try switching up your workout playlist with self-affirming songs – here are 10 chart toppers from past and present to start you off! 


Warm up – Pack the heat! 


Are you … Ready for it?

Pop anthem will get you ready to jump into your workout. Get started quick because this song has an amazing drop that follows a soaring chorus so it’s a whole journey packed into a few minutes of melody. 


Yes, you’re beautiful 

Bette Midler may be most known for her classic ballad Wind Beneath My Wings, but did you know that she’s got a few songs that are popular at the dance clubs? I’m Beautiful is great for warming up to. Plus, the lyrics – well let’s just say it doesn’t get any more body positive than this! The humour in the song is bound to put you in a good mood too. 


Work Out – Pump it up!


Time to Kross the line

We hope you’re ready to get going because Kris Kross is gonna make you Jump! Jump! Way back in the 1990s, this hip hop duo wore their clothes backwards but they sure knew how to get us moving and what better track than Jump to get your blood pumping. You don’t need to be working out with a skipping rope for this one, it’ll get you going no matter what your routine for the day is! 



If the previous song gave you a taste for hip hop, how about something more contemporary from the Black Eyed Peas? Their song Pump It is a great addition to any workout playlist. Right from the first beat, you know that this one is going to get your heart … well … pumping. If you’re along at home, sing along. Loudly. And if you’re at the gym, we challenge you to avoid singing along! 


Meet your Destiny 

Halfway through your workout and you’re starting to feel tired. There may be some pain too but you’re not throwing in the towel, are you? That’s because you’re a Survivor, and Destiny’s Child’s got your back! Push on and repeat the mantra that Queen Bey and her soul sisters Kelly and Michelle belt out in the song: “I’m not gonna give up, I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna work harder”. 

Push me till I’m satisfied 

You’re almost there! Don’t give up now or else you won’t be satisfied with your workout. And who knows this best? Italian DJ Benny Benassi, of course, whose anthemic dance track Satisfaction is perfect at this point of your workout as the chorus keeps repeating “Push me”. Sounds like just what you need. 

Wind Down – Chill a little


Towel off!

This great tune from Ava Max still has some great beats but at a slower pace so it’s a good match for those precious minutes when you’re cooling down. The title – Blood, Sweat, Tears – is also apt for the end of a workout, reinforcing that you’ve left it all out there on the exercise mat. Make sure you have a towel to wipe yourself down with! 


Shake your own pom poms 

Isn’t it funny that working out often tires you as much as playing sports but there’s rarely anyone to celebrate your win? Yup, every workout is a victory so make sure to mark it. If you can’t get anyone to throw the confetti in the air, let Jonas Brothers serenade you with their hit Pom Poms. Like RuPaul always says: “You’re a winner, baby!”