Exercise And Diet Are Just Part Of A Bigger Formula For Overall Health


When we think of our health, we often just focus on physical fitness and nutrition. In the current climate we live in, there is an increasing talk about keeping your immune system strong too. Here are some little things you can do to help that along!


Let The Natural Colours Of Food Guide You

If you want to know whether you’re eating right, check if you’re consuming all colours of the rainbow. There are lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in fruits and vegetables that are colourful, so add them to your diet. Greens – the clue is in the name – that are leafy tend to have a lot of minerals, vitamins and fibre, all of which can help enhance your immune system.


Morning Splash For A Boost

Did you know that water – both inside and outside your body – can help stimulate an immune response? #mindblown Yup, you probably already know that drinking a lot of water helps your immune system. However, cold showers early in the morning can also help with the increase of white blood cells. Aim for the water to hit your forehead and chest.

Keep Moving

This tip is probably a given but hey, we can never have too many reminders to stay active and keep our body in the best shape. Go for a variety – low-impact exercises like yoga or swimming are always good, as are exercises that keep the lymph system open such as jumping. At the end of a session, don’t forget to spend some minutes on the foam roller. This will help reduce inflammation, which can cause problems for the immune system.

Sleep Is Good For You

Sometimes, doing nothing physical can help you feel better! This is certainly the case with getting the right amount of sleep. If you don’t get enough, your risk of infections actually goes up. Getting adequate and quality rest is as important as getting your heart pumping so prioritise sleep as part of your wellness regime.


Hum As You Wash Up

No, your immune system doesn’t get stronger as you grow older but the length of the Happy Birthday song twice – about 20 seconds – is the ideal time you should be washing your hands with soap. Doing this regularly reduces your exposure to germs and protects your immune system. #singitoutloud