Go From Lockdown Mode To Workout Model


Has your workout regime over the past year been affected by the lockdowns? Perhaps your fitness regime has been pretty start-stop or you’re less active than you were before. Maybe you’ve even given up on exercise for a while. Well, if you’re ready to get back to exercising, we’re here for you. Here are some tips on getting your fitness groove on again.


Relax, Take It Easy

Pop star Mika probably wasn’t referring to working out when he busted this tune but it’s fitting advice: Make sure you take it slow and ease your way back into a full-on workout! Don’t push too hard when you get back to it. Instead, build up slowly, don’t expect to hit your previous bests time or weight right away – you will get there!


Take A Break, Have A … Day Off

So you’re back on the fitness bandwagon and it feels great, right? The endorphins have hit and you remember why you loved sweating it out previously. Resist the temptation to keep pushing too hard. Recovery days are as important as training days. They’re not just about resting the body when you’re tired but also essential to strengthening and building muscles. 

The Full Package

Starting afresh means it’s a good time to assess your previous regimes and plug the holes. This time round, make sure to incorporate good habits like eating well, getting a good amount of sleep, and minimising stress. All of these are essential for a great workout routine that will #bringoutthebestinyou.

Just Have Fun

Goals are important to keep track of progress in fitness, but don’t forget to make sure you’re enjoying yourself as well. It can be tough getting back to working out so why not try to find options that are fun for you? If you love the community feel, try taking up classes at the gym or check out a group sport that you’re fond of. Do anything to get your body used to moving around again!


Help Is Always There

Remember, it will take some time to get back into the rhythm of exercising so don’t push too hard to avoid hurting yourself. For peace of mind, if it’s been a long time since you last exercised and you want medical advice, you may want to pay a visit to the doctor to get the all clear. A medical check-up will confirm how fit and strong you (and your heart!) are – so you know just how intense your first few visits back to the gym can be.