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Turning stress into positive energy can happen for real, let’s see how  

Human lifestyle is getting uber classy and there are luxuries to be enjoyed and high-tech innovations to be experienced at every juncture. But with it all comes something that not just the millennials but even zillennials are in a damn good grip of—'stress’!

So how do we break free from this cluttered frame of mind that hounds us over and over again? Just picture it: we’re clearly stressed if we miss our fav Zumba class or if we drink too much at a house party or if we step-out of our new diet even for a day- emotions like guilt and anger take front seats. And if that’s not all, we’re mentally stressed 24/7, by either fretting over the next promotion at work, scoring the best grades at uni or for keeping up with society’s expectations!

But you know what? The solution to cut negativity out of your life is pretty simple--You need to basically stop reacting to stress. Once you are free from the vicious trap of responding to stress, you are immediately filled with creative and positive energy and that automatically makes you slay life like a pro. Here are some simple ways for you to get your #BeastModeOn to beat stress:

1. Handle only as much as you are capable of. Set limits to the workload that you are entrusted with by assessing your capability and the time available at hand. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. So yeah, don’t overburn yourself.

2. Meditate and perform breathing exercises daily, preferably before going to work and before dozing off. Meditation, especially with some calming, soulful background music can clear your mind and give you new thoughts. Breathing exercises are also time-tested stressbusters, so why not try out one of our kick-ass yoga classes?

3. Grab a protein bar: Eating sugary food releases dopamine, a chemical that induces the pleasure response in our body. A sweet but still healthy protein bar can double up as a snack to help you bounce out of a highly stressful situation. Plus now, you have all the flavours in the world to choose from: blueberry, walnut, or vanilla, just go bananas (pun intended!)

4. Give an HIIT sesh your all: Exercise daily, it helps your body handle stress better. And when it’s one powerful, head-on HIIT sesh, it is bound to make you feel super motivated and energetic.

5. Ensure that you have optimum sleep. Sleep is a natural way to calm your body and mind. A good night’s rest does not just remove your worries but also fills you up with fresh, creative energy.

6. Pursue your fav outdoor activity: A refreshing sesh outdoors can lift your spirits almost instantly. Say, if you love hiking, you can dash out for a hike to regain sanity in this maddening stressful world. But for that, a strong core must be in attendance, so we’ve got your back. Giving an RPM workout session a shot will sure help you get on track.

A new stressful FREE world

The benefits of a life free from stress are unimaginable, yeah ‘cos like we’ve never really seen how it is to live happily without any kind of stress. It’s a given, stress saps your energy so it’s best to smash it out of your life right when it’s first triggered and say this out loud: In-your-face! Boom!