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Hunger + Anger is quite a lethal combo, here’s why you MUST avoid it. 

What is ‘hangry’ as opposed to hungry?

Is it for real? Ever wondered why you feel cranky before a late lunch? Well, sweat not, this sudden, irrational rage is actually coined as "hanger" (hungry + angry) and you’ll be comforted to know that it’s for real.


Let’s understand what this whole ruckus about ‘hunger’ and ‘hanger’ is!

‘Hangry’ is an altogether extreme version of ‘being hungry’. And guess what? Hangry people tend to crave all the grub that shouldn’t really be up on their lists. From downing chocolate bars to cookies or even gooey cakes, they end up junking on everything that’s oh-so-bad. What happens next is that these sugar-y snacks have the capacity to further jerk your system by raising the blood sugar quickly leading to another crash—and that makes one crankier, in less time than they’ll even realise. Duh…uh!

Do you too go from hungry to hangry in no time? Well, then you need to keep these 3 foods handy to avoid losing your cool!


1. DO NOT eat a carbohydrate alone, like ever: Consuming carbs with little to no fat can easily set you up for a ride on the blood sugar roller coaster which in turn can wreak havoc with your mood and eating habit. Be sure to include a protein and fat along with a carbohydrate anytime you order something. Think low-fat string cheese paired with a healthy carb like air-popped popcorn or may be baked black bean chips.


2. Give whole foods a big thumbs up: The less packaged, processed and refined food you consume, the better is your hunger level. Quality protein from meat, fish and eggs, healthy fat from nuts, seeds, avocados and butter along with lots of veggies and fruits can help regulate your blood sugar levels. Make a healthy choice from apples, peaches, bananas, grapes, mangoes, figs, lemons, dandelion greens, kale, carrots, tomatoes and other whole foods.


3. Yay or Nay to PFC?: Do this by eating protein, fat and carbs every few hours to keep your blood sugar levels in check. When you eat this way, you prevent your blood sugar levels from the unwanted spikes and crashes. You may consider 4-6 ounces of meat (the size of your palm) along with 1-2 tbsp butter/oil/dressing paired with non-starchy veggies ‘cos this could totally do the trick. If you’d like to flavor your food bowl further, try sprinkling some herbs, spices, broth or even cocoa powder for that extra zing!


4. H20 first: How you thought you were sipping more water but eh, you really weren’t! Here’s a welcome change, try downing a few glasses of H20 if you’re about to enter your-usual-hangry-self-state, it will first keep you calm by filling you up upfront and two, chugging water when angry can also help you cool down faster.


Your health is in your own hands (and taste buds!) and it is only up to you to perk up your diet to give an extra boost to your overall wellness. Throw in a steady supply of good food and you’re quite sorted, plus faaaaar away from meeting your hangry self!