Christmas shopping for gym regulars have never been easier


There is no better way than to encourage your family or friends to keep working out by gifting them workout related gear this Christmas. Whether it’s the occasional gym goer, or the fitness fanatic, our list of ideas has something for everyone. We won’t be covering the usual what to wear – there are loads of options at the stores. Here are some novel ideas in time for you to to dust off the red suit and get into the spirit of giving! Ho ho ho!


Playin’ it cool

Imagine this: you’ve just done quite a run on the treadmill, or burned your thighs on the bicycle, or just come out of an intense circuit training class. Now, all you want (besides resting your legs) is an ice-cold drink to quench that thirst. Insulated water bottles to the rescue! There are an increasing number of brands that have created stainless steel bottles which keep your water cool. Check out Polar Bottle or Manna Hydration – just warn the person you’re giving this to about the potential brain freeze!


High roller

There’s nothing like ending a great workout session with bit of foam rolling to help with your recovery. They may cause a bit of pain, but will also help alleviate aches at a later time! #worthit Most major sporting brands these days have options for foam rollers but why not check out the original Worm Roller. It’s a unique design that gives you the benefits of therapy balls together with foam rollers. It’s compact, portable and light. Leave it to an all-in-one device to roll the aches and stress away. 


Duffle Trouble

There’s nothing quite like a sturdy gym bag to put all your gear together ahead of a great workout. Duffle bags can be especially useful, especially one with the right amount of space to pack in your necessities. Check out the Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 4.0 – it’s bigger than it looks and has a separate pocket for your shoes or sweaty laundry. The bag comes in five different colours – some with cool camo patterns as well. There’s also a larger version available. Whoever you gift this to will no longer lug themselves to the gym, they’ll be carrying on like a rockstar.


Mind your fitness

If you know someone who’s struggling with their fitness goals, or just looking for a place to start, then Brian Keane’s The Fitness Mindset might help them. The book was released in 2017, but it’s gotten rave reviews on Those who’ve read it found it easy to follow, comprehensive and well-researched. The book covers not just fitness but also issues surrounding nutrition and self-improvement. It was also listed in’s 7 Best Fitness Books, which includes other suggestions if reading is your thing. #nerdalert.


Juice perfect

Getting someone a present to help with their fitness goals doesn’t just need to be about exercising. Why not encourage them to think about their nutritional needs by getting them a handy juicer? These devices are increasingly handy to have in the kitchen these days. This way, your present is not just really clever, it’ll taste good too – well, technically. Find one in Philips’ Viva Collection for the model that fits your budget. Bet you that your friends will tell you that you’re juice the best.