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What is the class about

They say dance like nobody’s watching. We say put on a show like the whole world’s watching with DN’A Raw, our hip-hop dance class that is sure to get your heart on fire, proving that cardio can be so much more than just a treadmill run. Have a blast as you torch calories, fire up your coordination and flexibility.

Newbie or pro, DN’A Raw welcomes you all.

The benefits of the class
Who is the class suitable for
• Get your heart rate up
• Burn calories
• Improve coordination and flexibility
• Beginner
• Those who workout regularly


With DN’A Raw, it’s your music video and we’re just here to click replay. Show off your star qualities and your love for a challenge in this sweaty dance class. But trust us, it’s totally worth it. You’ll walk out feeling and looking fantastic for there ain’t no party like a dance cardio party.

How do you feel after the class

Feel a sense of reward
Duration 50 mins
Intensity Low,Medium
Complexity Moderate,Advanced
Motivation Coordination and flexibility

What to bring

Maximize the fun with these party essentials

Class Essential
Class Essential
Extra Clothing
Class Essential
Class Essential

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