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What is the class about

Champions, come around and take on the challenge of Peloton, our indoor cycling class that combines Tour de France inspiration with the beats from today’s hottest playlist. It’s a dance, cardio and leg workout that will spare no calories. It’s strength for your lower body, a test of your endurance and a giant boost for your metabolism.

Who should take up the challenge? Stars that are up to take on the challenge

The benefits of the class
Who is the class suitable for
• Improve endurance and lower body strength.
• Your body continues to expend excess calories even after the class – After-Burn Effect.
• Get cardio boost
• Reach high levels of fitness, endurance and strength
• Those who have outdoor and indoor cycling experience


The choreography is designed to achieve sprints, quick attacks, and steep climbs, simulating an extreme sport, outdoor adventure, bicycle ride.

How do you feel after the class

Expect a challenge. Sprints, quick attacks, steep climbs, extreme bursts, they’re all there in every Peloton class. Beyond that, expect a party. The hottest beats fuels your ride and the energy of the class will fuel your drive. You’ll leave class, stronger, faster and more powerful star.

Duration 50 mins
Intensity Medium,High
Complexity Easy
Motivation Fitness, endurance, strength

what to bring

Maximize the fun with these party essentials

Class Essential
Class Essential
Extra Clothing
Class Essential
Class Essential

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