General information
  • Is this app only for members, or can non-members (guests) use it too?
  • What is the Celebrity Fitness Mobile App?
  • Do I need to pay for the app?
  • During this period, can non-members use the app to purchase classes or gym access?
  • I can’t seem to book any classes via the app as they fill up quite quickly. Why is that so?
COVID-19 Safety Precautions
  • What do I need to do to access the club upon its reopening?
    Before your visit

    You’ll need to pre-book access to the following through our new mobile application. Pre-booking on the app is mandatory to:
    • Access the gym floor (subject to availability – select ‘Gym Floor Access’ on the app)
    • Book your spot for your preferred group exercise class (subject to availability).

    During your visit
    Please observe the following guidelines:
    • Show your app to our Front of House team to verify your booking.
    • Have your temperature checked at Front of House upon entry – we reserve the right to deny entry if your temperature is 37.5 degrees and above.
    • Sanitise your hands upon entry and exit
    • Wear a mask at all times
    • Observe good personal hygiene including wiping down equipment before and after use
    • Observe safe social distancing at all times.
  • If I just want to use the cardio/ strength and/or free weights area, do I still need to make a booking?
    Yes, you must make a booking in order to gain access to the gym - select ‘Gym Floor Access’ on the app (subject to availability of slots).
    Before our club closure, we have taken additional precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all our cardholders, guests and staff alike, in all Celebrity Fitness clubs. We have:
    • Stepped up the frequency of cleaning and wipe downs of our equipment and surfaces.
    • Provided hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial sprays for member, guest, and staff use.
    • Implemented mandatory staff travel declarations.
    • Implemented temperature checks and travel declarations for cardholders and guests upon entry to clubs – anyone recording a temperature above 37.5oC or is experiencing flu-like symptoms such as coughing, runny nose and sore throat will be declined entry.
    • Mandatory temperature checks for staff daily.
    • Increased communications to staff and cardholders to educate them about the virus.
    • Empowered our General Managers and club teams to monitor guests and cardholders who, if exhibit any flu-like symptoms or seem unwell, to politely ask them to leave the premises and seek immediate medical attention.
    • Advised staff to avoid physical contact with cardholders and guests as appropriate. Correction of movement and/or posture will be done verbally or through demonstrations.
    • We have also implemented additional control measures to ensure sufficient social distancing including reducing the capacity of Group Fitness classes.

    When we reopen, we encourage you to bring the below for personal hygiene purposes:
    • Boxing gloves
    • Yoga hammock
    • Yoga mat
    • Water bottle
    • Sweat and bath towel
    • Workout attire

    We encourage all members to continue to observe good personal hygiene, maintain good gym etiquette and be socially responsible. It is a collective effort to keep yourself, your loved ones and everyone safe.
  • How long can I stay in the gym?
    This will depend on the slot Gym Floor Access and/or group exercise class slot, which you must book prior to your visit to the gym.
  • Does the time slot include the time I will need to shower / change?
    Yes, the time slot will cater for time to allow for a quick shower/ change.
  • Why do I need to book gym floor access?
    We have implemented this new booking system to manage the number of people in the club at any one time, and taking into consideration safe social distancing guidelines. This, together with some other new in-club guidelines, seek to mitigate the health risks surrounding Covid-19. We continue to monitor the circumstances surrounding this global health pandemic and will adjust our policies accordingly in response to new developments.
getting started
  • What devices can I use the app on?
  • Is the app available in all stores?
  • Do I need an internet connection to use the app?
  • I tried to register as a member but received an error. What do I do next?
  • Why can’t I register for the app using my email account?
  • I did not receive my verification code. What should I do?
  • My membership wasn’t found. What do I need to do?
  • Upon re-joining a cancelled membership, can I use the same email address that I have previously used in my old membership account?
  • I have already created an account. How do I log in?
  • I created my account with Facebook and logged out. How do I log back in?
  • I am not a member and I tried to book a class but I am not able to do so.
  • What happens if I don't log out?
class bookings
  • Are all classes available for booking via the app?
  • How do I start booking my spot through the app?
  • Is the app available for booking daily?
  • How far in advance can I book a spot in a class?
  • What if the class I wish to sign up for is full?
  • How do I cancel my bookings?
  • Can I attend a class if I haven’t booked a spot?
  • Can I book a spot for a friend?
  • Where can I view my class bookings?
  • How soon should I arrive before the scheduled class starts?
  • If I’ve already booked my spot in a class through the app, do I still need to register/verify my attendance at the club?
  • Can I purchase a daily pass for my friend or family member?
Challenges and Achievements
  • I just completed an achievement but I didn’t get the badge.
  • What kind of challenges can I take part through the app?
  • Can I take part in more than one challenge at a time?
  • Can I invite my friend who is a non-member to participate in the challenge? Can non-members take part in the challenges?
Data Protection
  • What data does the app collect, and how will it be used?
  • Do I get any notification from the app?
  • Change policy