Celebrity Fitness member since February 2018

"I used to be afraid of the gym. As a person who had weight issues and had never stepped into a gym before, I found the place intimidating."

The Work

Here’s how Celebrity Fitness brought out my inner star.

Ian, my personal trainer, helped me overcome my fear of the gym. During the past 3 months, he has introduced me to different types of equipment and exercises. He knows when and how to push me to get the most from each session.

I’ve been shedding weight consistently and my overall strength and fitness has improved tremendously compared to when I first started.

Meet Our Starmaker

Ian has spent 11 years in the fitness industry. A Malaysia Powerlifting Alliance athlete and FastFit instructor, Ian is working on becoming an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer®️. He specializes in fat loss and muscle gain, strength and conditioning, MMA and Muay Thai, and basic powerlifting.

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